New College student completes internship with Pac- 12

Paige Herbert at the Pac-12 football championship

The job market has become increasingly competitive for college graduates entering the workforce. The business world is changing and technological advancements with the application and job hunt processes have challenged college grads to look for opportunities that will set them apart from the competition. Students at the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at ASU’s West campus are taking advantage of internships, service learning opportunities, and job shadowing professionals in their fields of study to increase their real-world business experience and make them more competitive candidates in today’s marketplace.

We recently spoke with Paige Herbert, ASU New College student, about her Pac-12 internship experience that took place during the 2013-2014 academic year.

Herbert heard about the opportunity to work with the Pac-12 broadcast team through another student, Zayarie (Zee) Villafane. Both New College students were CALL mentors and offered the internships because of their communication aspirations. Herbert said, “There were a few remaining positions available and I jumped at the chance to work with the Pac-12 for the 2013 championship football game.” Paige is a devoted Sun Devil football fan and was thrilled to be able to work closely with the ASU athletic department. One of Herbert’s most memorable moments was holding the championship trophy with fellow student, Villafane. “Holding the trophy truly captured the spirit, pride, and tradition that I feel as a student of Arizona State University,” said Herbert.

Interning with the Pac-12 solidified Herbert’s decision to move forward with her soon to be double-major in sociology and communication studies. “I want more than a minor in communication studies, so I am currently in review for the approval to earn the additional communication studies major.”

Herbert plans to continue to volunteer for opportunities at ASU’s West campus that will set her apart from other graduates. Some activities include volunteering as a Camp Solera counselor, serving as an New College Peer mentor, working as a desk assistant in the School of Social and Behavioral Sciences Advising Office, and returning for a second year as a mentor in the Communication and Learning Lab (CALL).

New College students and alumni are changing the world. Read more about some of our outstanding students like Paige Herbert, on the New College website.



ASU New College Alum named Arizona’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year

asu-new-college-alumni-Jeff Kunowski
Jeff Kunowski named Arizona’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year

Jeff Kunowski, ASU New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences alumnus, was named Arizona’s Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration Arizona District Office.

In 2010, Kunowski founded Illumin8 Media, an LED signage company. He received his bachelor’s degree in Integrative Studies in 2011 from New College. ASU played in integral role in the launch of his business. In 2010, with the help of a $10,000 grant from ASU’s Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative, Kunowski was able to begin development and eventually sell his first product to the Phoenix Suns. In 2012, he was named as one of the 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35 by the Arizona Republic.

Illumin8 signage at MGM Resorts

Linda Persau, an Integrative Studies faculty member said, “Jeff is outstanding among his peers in his ability to both network and multitask effectively to reach parallel goals. He has an ability to truly focus on what he wants and then put in the time to create it. Jeff is a visionary who can make things happen.”

New College would like to congratulate Jeff on all of his accomplishments since graduation. To read the full story, click here. To learn more about New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and all of the amazing work of our alumni, visit the New College website.


What’s Your Major Wednesday? Applied Mathematics Program


The demand for mathematicians is rapidly growing and to fill that need Arizona State University’s New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences is preparing students for careers in mathematics through the applied mathematics program. Students who graduate from the program work in a wide range of careers including operations research, financial mathematics, mathematical biology, and more.

According to an article published in CNBC, CareerCast ranked mathematicians as the number one job during 2014, with a median annual salary of $101,360 and projected job growth of 23% by 2022. Click here for the full list of 200 jobs ranked by CareerCast.

ASU Professor of the Year – Stephen Wirkus

There are many talented New College math faculty who work on innovative research and inspire students to take on careers in this rapidly growing field including Stephen Wirkus, Associate Professor at New College and 2013 ASU Professor of the year, and Erika Camacho, Assistant Professor at New College and 2011 Hispanic Women’s Corporation Latina Leadership Award winner.

Dr. Wirkus created the bachelor’s degree in applied mathematics at New College, as well as two courses involving applied mathematics in biology and upper-division applications.

Dr. Camacho was a student of Jamie Escalante, the well-known high school math teacher from the film “Stand and Deliver.” Camacho was one of many students inspired in Escalante’s math classes during her time at Garfield High School in Los Angeles, CA.

To learn more about our amazing New College applied mathematics faculty or program, or to schedule an appointment with an advisor, visit our New College website.

Tour Tuesday – Programming and Activities Board (PAB)

Take a tour of the Programming and Activities Board (PAB) located at ASU’s West campus in the slideshow below. PAB is responsible for hosting events throughout the year including Game Day pep rallies, Homecoming, and Devilpalooza. Learn more about PAB and the programming already in the works for this upcoming school year in last week’s exclusive interview with Karla Esquer, President of PAB.  Go to her interview >>

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Big Three Blog Series – Programming and Activities Board (PAB)

Sparky with Karla Esquer, President of the Programming and Activities Board (PAB), at the ASU West campus

The New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences would like to introduce “The Big Three” blog series. Inspired by Howard Waldie IV, President of the Undergraduate Student Government (USG) at West campus, interview from last week (go to the USGW story)  about USG’s exciting plans for the future, New College has reached out to the “Big Three” for a tell-all interview series about their goals for the coming year. The “Big Three” consists of Arizona State University’s West campus student run organizations: Undergraduate Student Government (USG), Programming and Activities Board (PAB), and Residence Hall Association (RHA). These organizations have fostered the growth of many student leaders who have been able to grow in roles of leadership at the ASU West campus and in the community.

PAB is one of the largest organizations on campus with six departments that have several areas of focus. PAB has brought events such as Open Mic Night, Haunted House, Fall Welcome, Homecoming, Water Wars, and Devilpalooza, which featured the band Capital Cities. Read all about what Karla Esquer, President of PAB, has in store for students at ASU West campus this year.

What are you studying at ASU?

Karla: I am currently pursuing both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Integrative Studies, with an emphasis in Applied Ethics and Religion.

What is your current position with PAB at West campus?

Karla: I am the President.

Congratulations on becoming President of PAB. Are there any projects you are looking forward to this year?

Karla: Thank you! I really appreciate that. I am extremely grateful to have been selected for this position. We are excited to bring back some favorite events from the past including Karaoke on the Water, Open Mic Night, Movies on the Lawn, and of course Sparky’s Big Top Carnival, which features our annual Haunted House. We hope to bring a lot more variety in our programming for students this year. We have a few new ideas for events, so keep your eyes peeled for more information.

What steps are you and PAB taking to motivate students to become more involved at West campus?

Karla: Mostly, we want students to feel like this campus is more of a home away from home, especially those students who live on campus. PAB wants to produce events that students are interested in being a part of so they come out and not only take part, but also create lasting memories with the campus community. We invite students to get involved in PAB and other organizations on campus. Personally, I love promoting student involvement on campus because I feel like it is just as important for students to engage in activities as it is to get their degree. Both play a role in education.

Student leadership is valued at ASU and it adds to the West campus experience, what does being a leader at ASU mean to you?

Karla: It means having the ability to make a difference. To positively impact the lives of students, faculty, staff, and community members. It means having the opportunity to truly inspire others. To not only become more involved, but to challenge students to go further to make that meaningful difference, create impact, and ignite a spark.

As you know, during fall semester ASU West campus will welcome the Class of 2018 and a great group of transfer students. What advice do you have for them that will help enhance their ASU West campus experience?

Karla: I would encourage all incoming students to simply be curious and to explore their options here at ASU from the start. To not only get involved, but to know the resources available to them on and off campus. Tutoring, culture passes (free passes to museums and the zoo, available at Fletcher Library), taking a tour of campus and finding Starbucks – the essentials.

Any closing remarks?

Karla: I would just like to remind everyone that it is okay to fail. I know it goes against everything we have been taught, but trust me, failing a test, a course, or getting a ticket is not the end of the world. And honestly, the sooner that becomes acknowledged and accepted, the sooner one can truly develop into something amazing. Failure is a step in the learning process. It does not mean you are not good at what you do, or that you are a terrible student, or that your life is over. Thomas Edison said it best, “I have not failed. I have just found 1,000 ways that won’t work.” Remember that.

Thank you, Karla, for being a great leader at ASU West campus. We can’t wait to attend all of the exciting events the Programming and Activities Board is planning for next semester.

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What’s Your Major? Wednesday – Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance

In this week’s edition of What’s Your Major? Wednesday, we take a look at New College’s Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance (IAP) degree with Sun Devil senior, Joshua “TJ” Heath.

TJ transferred to Arizona State University in fall 2013. Since beginning his journey at West campus, TJ has made it a goal to get involved with the campus community. He served as President for the Residence Hall Association (RHA), and is now working at Second Stage West, where he is a Student Technical Assistant shadowing Charles St. Clair, Emmy Award-winning director and New College faculty.

“The IAP program is designed so that students have the chance to experience a wide range of art disciplines, from music and acting to gaming and graphic design,” said TJ. “Students have the opportunity to work with amazing faculty like Charles St. Clair, and become well-rounded artists that are capable of expressing artistic concepts, collaborating with other students, and creating interdisciplinary projects that pull attributes from multiple areas of art.”

St. Clair founded the Fairmount Theatre of the Deaf, which is the only professional repertory deaf theater in the country. St. Clair’s acting highlights include The Promise, J.B., House of Blue Leaves, No Exit, The Glass Menagerie, The Doctor in Spite of Himself, and the title role in Othello. Some of his film and video credits include With These Hands, an Emmy Award-winning special for NBC; Beauty and the Beast, a three-time Emmy Award-winning special for PBS, which he co-authored, produced, and directed. St. Clair is currently teaching acting, directing, and is the Technical Director for New College.

asu-new-college-arts-performance-class-10TJ has had the opportunity to further his experience by assisting St. Clair with the IAP studio renovation this summer. The renovation is in its second phase and will give each room a unique purpose. TJ said “the movement room will be equipped to support activities such as dance, stage combat, fencing and yoga.”

The renovation includes the installation of a lighting grid and production studios. The acting studio will be used to host both stage and camera acting. The acting studio includes a black wall used for filming and furniture to lay out scenes. The IAP renovation is scheduled to be finished two weeks before the fall semester begins.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Interdisciplinary Arts and Performance degree at New College, we invite you to schedule time to meet with one of our advisors to discuss this amazing program.

Tour Tuesday – Fletcher Library at ASU’s West campus

ASU’s West campus Fletcher library combines the service and values of a traditional library with a state-of-the-art approach to the Information Age. Please take a tour of our library in the slideshow found below.

The library’s collection, including more than 400,000 volumes, supports the West campus curriculum and features an extensive media collection. Group study rooms equipped with computers and projectors, and individual study spaces are available.

The library includes the Student Success tutoring center and the New College Educational Technologies Center.

The Writing Center and the Computing Commons are found in the libraries lower-level.  The Computing Commons area has just been equipped with new workstations of both Mac and PC.

Starbucks is also located inside the main entrance to the library.

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Starbucks and ASU Pioneers in Education

ASU and Starbucks Partners in EducationStarbucks and Arizona State University (ASU) have partnered to provide both part-time and full-time employees an opportunity to work towards their online degree at ASU.  We are proud to be part of this pioneering development of social corporate responsibility in providing education to young people.  ASU New College houses one of the top three online degree programs offered at ASU, the Psychology online degree.  Our Psychology online degree program is also one of the fastest growing degree programs at ASU.  Get more information at ASU Online >>

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We have gathered a list of news stories covering this monumental event below and will be updating throughout the day. Please feel free to comment and add to the list.  Plus bring out the tissues and watch the video below, too:

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US News Education

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Business Insider:–arizona-state-univeristy-2014-6

The Washington Post:

ABC News:

The Chronicle of Higher Education:

AZ Family:

Phoenix New Times:

NBC News:

Fox News:




Link to video on YouTube:  Starbucks and ASU Partners in Education

Tour Tuesday: Sun Devil Fitness Complex at ASU West campus

ASU’s West campus opened a new recreation facility, the Sun Devil Fitness Complex (SDFC), in January 2013 that includes a 6-acre multipurpose field, “the quad,” and fitness center open to students, faculty, staff, and the community. Inside SDFC you’ll find two full-sized basketball courts used for intramural sports, campus events, and meet-up games, two racquetball courts, a wellness space with three alternative medicine studios, a lap pool, a 3-lane indoor running track with exterior exercise terraces, and full locker room facilities. This state-of-the-art fitness complex has enhanced the West campus recreation and wellness programs, intramural sports, aquatics, outdoor recreation, and drop-in play since its inception. The SDFC engages the student body, builds community, and supports healthy living. Visit the SDFC website for more info.

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Phoenix Comicon draws interest from ASU New College Cosplay Club

asu-new-college-cosplay-1 ASU West campus Cosplay Club invites students who are interested in expressing themselves through costumes, larping (live action role playing), and the art and craft of cosplay (dressing up in costume) to join the club as they venture to Phoenix Comicon June 5-8 at the Phoenix Convention Center.


Stan Lee, Danny Glover, and Austin St. John (The red Mighty Morphin Power Ranger) will be among the many celebrities attending this year’s event. Phoenix Comicon will also feature authors, costume designers, animators, and musicians, many of whom will join their fans in costume. One-day passes range from $20- $50, and a weekend pass is $85.

Earlier this year, the Cosplay Club invited students and the community to the first annual ASU West Devcon event. Devcon is a free comicon event held at ASU West campus. The next Devcon event is slated to take place Feb. 20-22, 2015.

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