ASU Back to School Countdown!

2 Days! ASU Back to school countdown – Advice for incoming freshman

As we approach the first day of classes, we thought it would be fun to ask New College faculty, staff, students, and alumni to give one piece of advice to incoming freshman and transfer students. Make sure to take notes. Their advice could be exactly what you need to jump start your success at college.

Karla Murphy, Lecturer

Make it count.

Karla Murphy – faculty at ASU New College

And while advice like keeping and maintaining a schedule, asking questions of professors, getting involved in campus clubs and knowing where to locate textbooks on the cheap are popular as well as logical suggestions, the one piece of advice I would offer is little off the beaten path.

In short, whether the “it” refers to meeting your roommate, showing up for all of your classes, creating a study group, attending a football game, committing to service learning, going to the library. . . for something other than Starbucks, or doing any other thing on this campus, my advice is to make IT count.

Make each experience, assignment, and moment matter to you. By seeing and acting upon even the smallest events as meaningful, you will begin to create an environment that is creative, engaging, and significant – a setting where *real* learning can happen. Moreover, making it count sets the tone for not only how you manage and spend your time at ASU; it sets the tone for how you will live your life. So, start now. Make each and every day and decision matter.  Make it count.

Bonnie Wentzel, Lecturer

My advice for incoming students is to utilize office hours.  Office hours are time set

Bonnie Wentzel – Faculty at ASU New College

aside for students and their professors to meet. It can be one of the most valuable investments you can make in your education. It is a time when I get to talk to students one-on-one about questions they might have regarding class material, provide information about future classes, discuss lines of research, help them find campus resources, or sometimes it is simply an opportunity for me to share – “Hang in there, you’re not alone, you’ll be fine.”  What students do not realize is that these small nuggets of interaction over a college career can actually expand their opportunities. It keeps the student, their name, and their abilities at the forefront of my mind when I’m identifying candidates for research, recognition, and other recommendations. When you multiply that by all of your professors, you can build a tremendous nest egg of support!

Chad Morgan, Director of Sun Devil Fitness Complex

Find your passion and get engaged. You get what you put into your college experience. It’s easy for some students to be successful academically, but not get much out of the rest of their college experience. We want students to get as much as they possibly can on all fronts. It’s important to have fun and find enjoyment in the little things you do. Someone once told me that we do things that are F-U-N-N, which means Functional Understanding Not Necessary. Do things that are fun and socially engaging. Having fun is an important piece of overall wellness for students. Make sure to have fun in whatever you do.

Paige Herbert, Student and New College Peer Mentor

Paige Herbert – ASU New College Peer Mentor

If I had one piece of advice for an incoming ASU freshman, it would be to be a part of something greater than yourself. Reflecting on the past two years as an ASU student, I have made it a priority to make the most of the time I have in college. The saying “these are the best years of your life,” couldn’t be more accurate. College is truly what you make it, so don’t hesitate to think big and put yourself out there. Join programs, clubs, and events. I have made the most of my experience at the West campus through my outgoing nature and putting myself out there. As a result of my fearlessness, I have had many great opportunities including traveling Disneyland, marching in the Homecoming parade, standing on the sidelines of a football game, auditioning for the Spirit Squad, and taking photographs with Todd Graham, ASU head football coach. Remember to leave your mark and make the next four years unforgettable!

Alyssa Napuri, Student and Executive Director of the Residence Hall

Alyssa Napuria- ASU New College
Alyssa Napuri – Residence Hall Association at ASU West Executive Director


Get involved! I don’t think I can push that one enough. Everyone comes into the

university with expectations of college. If there isn’t a club or organization on campus that speaks to what you’re interested in, all it takes is two friends and a staff member to create your own. Go to events, go to programs, go to those boring meetings that are actually strangely fun, and your whole life will transform into something you could never have imagined.


Karla Esquer, Student and PAB President

I would just like to remind everyone that it is okay to fail. I know it goes against

Karla Esquer – ASU New College student

everything we have been taught, but trust me, failing a test, a course, or getting a ticket is not the end of the world. And honestly, the sooner that becomes acknowledged and accepted, the sooner one can truly develop into something amazing. Failure is a step in the learning process. It does not mean you are not good at what you do, or that you are a terrible student, or that your life is over. Thomas Edison said it best, “I have not failed. I have just found 1,000 ways that won’t work.” Remember that. 


3 days – Back to school countdown – Tips on how to get along with your roommate

roommates-asu-new-collegeSo you have finally moved in to the residential hall and have met your new roommate(s).  Below are a few tips to  help keep harmony in your new home.

  • Cleanliness – Talk to your roommate about the level of cleanliness you are most comfortable with. Some people don’t mind paper piles and for others it might drive them up the wall.
  • Food – Will you share or should you label your food?
  • Set guidelines/boundaries upfront –  It’s a good idea to sit down and discuss house rules like cleaning, washing dishes, having friends over, and how late guests can stay in the room.
  • Don’t expect to be best friends – The most important quality of a good roommate is respect. If you happen to become friends in the process, that’s great! It’s okay if you have your own set of friends.

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5 Days! Back to school countdown – Get involved in clubs and organizations

clubs-for-college-asu-new-collegeWe’ve all seen movies about college coeds depicting what life is like on a college campus. The truth is, college is what you make of it. There are over 60 registered clubs and organizations at the ASU West campus that Sun Devils can join.

Studies show that students who become involved in clubs and organizations on campus have a higher success rate. Joining a club or org not only increases the likelihood of graduating, but you can make some great professional connections and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Take a look at some of the cool clubs offered at ASU’s West campus below:

Programming and Activities Board at West (PAB) – PAB has brought events such as Open Mic Night, Haunted House, Fall Welcome, Homecoming, Water Wars, and Devilpalooza – which featured the band Capital Cities – to campus.

Undergraduate Student Government of the West campus (USGW) – Student government represents the interests of the student body. Members voice the concerns and needs of students to ASU administration, Arizona Board of Regents, and the State Legislature.

Residence Hall Association at West (RHAW) – Members of RHAW advocate for students living in the residence hall. There is still time to join! Leadership positions are still available.

Visit the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) located in the University Center Building, Room 320, call 602-543-8200, or e-mail to learn how to get involved at the West campus.

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6 Days – Back to school countdown – Helpful apps for college students

apps-for-college-asu-new-collegeThere’s an app for that!

Below New College has listed several apps that might be beneficial to college students.  A handful of the apps are free, but some have a small cost associated (purchase at your own risk*). Do you have any favorite apps?  If so, share your favorite app in the comment box below!

Evernote Free- iOS and Android
Evernote is the perfect app to take quick notes. Pictures taken in the app and are stored within the note. Evernote also records voice notes and Geo-tags them if you wish. Organize your notes in notebooks and access your synchronized notes from all your devices.  You won’t be disappointed.

iSource MLA $4.99, iOS. iSource MLA helps you create citations for the research you have collected for class assignments. It’s like magic, almost.

Khan Academy Free, iOS, Android, and website access. Videos covering topics in science, math, the humanities, chemistry, and physics are available to everyone; students, parents, teachers. You name it, they can watch it!

Notability $2.99, iOS (for iPad). Notability let’s you write on your iPad. It serves as a word-processor and allows users to take notes in PDF documents.  Also, you can record your voice as you write and use Dropbox, and Google Drive.  Sorry, folks. This app is only for those lucky devils who have an iPad.

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*ASU does not endorse these products and is not responsible for any app or the content downloaded by students.

7 Days!! Back to school countdown – What Is there to do in Arizona?

FREE ADMISSION to Phoenix hotspots

things-to-do-AZ-asu-new-collegeThe ASU Libraries participate in the highly successful Culture Pass program. The Culture Pass is an innovative program launched by valley arts and cultural organizations to provide library card holders free admission to top metro Phoenix destinations. The program is expanding beyond the original public library partners in Chandler, Glendale, Mesa, Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Tempe and now includes Peoria Public Libraries, Desert Foothills Library (Cave Creek), and the ASU Libraries. You can pick up a culture pass at the Fletcher Library information desk.  Passes are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Check out all the places the ASU Culture Pass can be used:

Here are some more places to visit in Arizona.

Hiking and weekend getaways:

Grand Canyon
Camelback Mountain
Hike Pinnacle Peak
Thunderbird Mountain Park

iphone5s-asu-new-collegeOther local attractions:

Superstition Mountains Museum 
Chase Field
Desert Botanical Gardens
Heard Museum
Free Train Museum in Scottsdale
Musical Instrument Museum 
Sonoran Desert Museum
North Pole Experience
Indoor Sealife Arizona Aquarium
Spring Training in March
Wildlife World Zoo’s
Out of Africa

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ASU Back to school countdown! – Top 5 ASU Twitter and Facebook accounts to follow

twitter-facebook-asu-new-collegeAll students want to be successful at college, and one of the first steps of success is staying informed about news, events, and deadlines that are happening at New College and ASU West. How do you do that? By getting social with us!

To help students navigate the massiveness of Facebook and Twitter we’ve outlined the top social media sites that all Sun Devils at the West campus should follow to stay informed about scholarships, campus events, and ASU news. Get plugged-in today!


Top 5 Twitter pages

1. New College:

Ok, you might think this is self-serving but we really do tweet everyday on everything ASU! You’ll learn about career tips, internship opportunities, events, deadlines, stories about students, and scholarships to name a few. We may even post a contest or two. Who doesn’t love winning prizes? Plus, we love to re-tweet and mention, so come on and tweet us! And, make sure to hashtag us while you’re at it! We love students sharing how they are living the #newcollegelife at #asuwest!

2. Arizona State University:

This is “the official” ASU twitter account. You may be a student in New College, but you’re also part of the larger ASU community. Check out all of the amazing things students are doing from across all four campuses.

3. Sun Devil Athletics:

This is “the official” ASU Athletics twitter account. Be proud Sun Devil and show your school spirit!

4. Sun Devil Career Services:

Want to turn your dream job into a reality? Like the Career Services page to find out about internships, career fairs, and job opportunities offered to Sun Devils! It’s never too early to start dreaming of your future.

5. ASU President’s Office:

Get the official word from President Michael Crow. Who knows, he may even tweet you back!


Did you get one? Pick this up at #ASUWest. Tag #newcollegelife

Top 5 Facebook pages

Some people say Facebook is a thing of the past. But, you know what? We disagree! We know you check facebook daily for news and information, so make sure you “like” these sites so that you stay connected to the ASU community!

1. ASU New College:

Yes, we have to mention our Facebook page. There is no better place to get information about West campus events, career tips, internships, news, and real-time pics of events that are happening right now! Don’t forget to hashtag #newcollegelife and #asuwest!

2. ASU PAB West:

Stay in touch with the Programming and Activities Board at the ASU West campus.


Worried about giving a presentation in one of your classes? Don’t worry, the Communication Assessment and Learning Lab or CALL, is a place for you to get tips and tricks on how to be a successful public speaker.

4. Arizona State University:

The official ASU Facebook fan page. Show your true colors. We know you bleed maroon and gold!

5. Arizona State Sun Devils:

The official Sun Devils Athletics Facebook Fan page. They have some great contests and giveaways. Who doesn’t like to win free stuff?

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Back to school countdown – Laundry and groceries 101

laundry101-asu-new-college-back-to-schoolSun Devil, you are only a few short days away from the beginning of fall semester and possibly moving to ASU’s West campus or out on your own for the very first time. To help you with this important transition into independence, we have provided some helpful hints on how to shop for groceries and do your laundry now that you will be living on your own.

Grocery shopping 101

Purchasing groceries can be pricey if you don’t budget and pay attention to cost. Often times we let food go to waste. Here are some tips that have helped students save dollars.

Tips for Grocery Shopping

  1. Make a list
  2. Buy perishable foods in quantities you’ll use
  3. Be an informed shopper. Stick to your list and beware of BOGO’s
  4. Limit your purchase of ready-prepared foods
  5. Clip coupons
  6. Use your imagination with leftovers
  7. Look for outlet stores such as day-old bakeries

Grocery tip:

If you have a freezer, use it! Utilize your freezer to preserve food. Don’t worry it doesn’t taste weird later.

Find more family health shopping tips here.

Laundry 101

Step-by-step instructions on how to do your laundry

Tag #newcollegelife with your pics and you might get featured.

1. Sort dirty clothes by color – lights, darks, reds

2. Treat stained clothes if needed – Shout it out!

3. Select water temperature gives a great explanation of the settings that are on washers and dryers.

Cold water– Darks and like colored clothes, such as polo shirts, khaki pants and dress socks.

Warm water– Hand wash items like nice wool sweaters and
silks (mild detergent and warm water in a sink). Dedicates and Permanent Press.

Hot water– Whites such as gym socks, underwear, T-shirts, and undershirts. Hot water also fades colored fabrics but gets out stains in whites. This washer setting is called Regular/normal

4. Add Soap

5. Fill with clothes. Start wash.

Hint: Don’t stuff the washer with a ton of clothes. If you do, they won’t get clean!

6. Remove clothes from washer and load into dryer

7. Add dryer sheet

Did you know? Laundry softener can come in liquid form for the washer and dryer sheets for the dryer.

8. Remove lint from lint trap before and after drying

If you don’t remove the lint it can catch fire if it builds up over a couple cycles. Yikes!

9. Choose dryer setting, just like a washer a dryer has settings for every type of clothes.

Regular/Heavy– white clothes; colorless fabrics can withstand the beating, and the garments are usually preshrunk. Mostly anything that has been washed in how water will shrink with dryed with hot air.

Permanent Press/Medium– are for colored garments, clothes that was washed in cold water.

Delicates/Low– this is air that is slightly above room temperature to slow dry.

Laundry tips:

  • Over loading the dryer will cause your clothes to dry slower.
  • Don’t forget to empty pockets. No one wants a stick of gum over all your clothes.
  • Turning your jeans inside out when washing and let them air dry will help them last longer.
  • Pre-treat stains with warm water. Hot and Cold water will make the stain set in.


Do you have everything you need for your dorm room?

Before you get to campus, make sure you’ve considered items you may need bring to make your dorm room feel like home.


  • Dish rags
  • Toilet paper
  • Dish soap
  • Dishes
  • Silverware
  • Dish rack


  • Detergent
  • Dryer sheets or liquid softer
  • Hamper/ dirty clothes basket


  • Toilet paper
  • Bath mat
  • Shower curtain
  • Toilet scrubber


  • Extension cords
  • Bedroom set (Pillows & sheets)
  • School/desk supplies

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Back to school countdown – Campus safety – DAY 11

safety-asu-new-college-back-to-schoolCampus safety and security is a high priority at Arizona State University and the well being of students and residents is the number one priority throughout all four campuses. At ASU’s West campus the combination of hall staff and police enforcement ensures that residents and students receive the optimal amount of security while on campus. Below we’ve listed some of the safety measures ASU West has to offer.

Sun Card Access

Residents are required to have a valid Sun Card to enter the perimeter access points of their assigned residence hall. Residents have individual access to their halls, so it is their responsibility to make sure they do not allow unknown individuals into the building.

Safety Escorts Service (SES)

Evening escort services are available seven days a week. These services are for students who find themselves walking alone on campus. Safety escorts can be contacted at 480-965-1515. Also be aware of the ASU Blue-Light Emergency Call Boxes and where they are on your route.

Have you liked New College on social media? If not, pick up one of these at Starbucks in Fletcher Library or the West campus bookstore.

Hall Visitors

Visitors are welcome at the residential halls but must be met at the front desk or exterior, and must be escorted through the building at all times. Residents are responsible for their guest.

Front Desk

The front desk of each residential hall is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Each community has a staff member who is ready to respond to questions and alert residents or campus police if there is an emergency.

Phone Numbers to Keep:

ASU Police: (480) 965-3456

Safety Escort: (480) 965-1515

Casa de Oro: (602) 543-5648

Las Casas: (602) 543-2272

Residence Hall Duty Phone: (602) 725-7843

For courtesy telephones, Emergency 911 telephones, Surveillance cameras, and Crime statistics visit Services and facilities.

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ASU Back to school countdown – How to be smart with your money-Day 12

“With great power comes great responsibility,” said Uncle Ben from the Marvel Comic Spider-Man, and so is the money in your hands as a college student. As you prepare to come to college for the first time, words like “budget,” “balancing your checkbook,” and “savings,” have probably all crossed your mind. You may be left wondering, how will I manage my finances on my own?

The Financial Aid office at ASU provides Sun Devils great tips on how to manage your money. The financial aid office covers topics such as:


  • Financial Health
  • Credit and Borrowing
  • Fraud
  • Identify Theft
  • Banking Basics
  • Saving and Spending

Click on this link to watch a video about Money Matters.

Tips from the financial aid office

Pay yourself and stash your cash

Tag your pics #newcollegelife and you might get featured!

Auto Pay: Some companies allow workers to split their pay check into multiple accounts. Auto pay allows you to automatically distribute a portion of your money into your savings account and checking account.

Understand “needs” vs. “wants.”


  • brakes for your car
  • Work clothes for your new job
  • Books for your class


  • New shoes to add to your growing collection
  • The latest version of your cell phone
  • Tickets to a local concert

Outside help

Apps like Mint help students manage money by displaying updated information about your spending habits. The app allows individuals to see where money is being spent. It is a great resource to help students budget.

For more information about how to manage your money visit the financial aid website. For up-to-date information about ASU New College, like us on Facebook at the New College Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @ASUNewCollege, and Instagram @asunewcollege.