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1 Day until Convocation | Touch of University tradition – Paley Gates

ASU New College Spring 2015 Convocation Paley GatesOnly ONE more day until our New College graduates say farewell to ASU West. On Convocation day, take time to reflect on all you have learned and the memories you have made. But most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO TOUCH THE PALEY GATES AT CONVOCATION! Here’s why!


As you walk through the Paley Gates at Convocation, it is tradition to reach out and touch the gates, placing your hand on them as a catalyst for reflection. By reaching out you are asked to reflect on how ASU has touched you during your studies here. No doubt university work demanded much of you, touching your heart and mind in many powerful ways, in many unexpected ways, perhaps.

Regardless of your area of study, your experience at ASU made demands that you be rigorous, that you be insightful, and that you be perceptive. Indeed, as Socrates says at the end of Plato’s famous allegory of the cave, education is the “art of orientation.” ASU has equipped you with the means by which you now know how to turn your critical attention, that is, how to orient yourselves, toward what is most pressing in our world today and which calls for our being responsible for and responsive to it. And this is as it should be. Universities are meant to touch you in these ways so that your having been here makes a promise to the larger culture concerning your participation in the life of our city, the enterprise of our state, and the hopes for our cosmopolitan future.

You are now in a position to understand better that you can be in your own activities and excellence become co-creators of what is to come next. Here at ASU you have been a part of a community of scholars and you have engaged in the conversations, studies, and activities of research that are becoming such a community. We are hopeful that your time here has left you with the three qualifications for public life that the Czech philosopher Vaclav Havel deems necessary viz., tact, good taste, and the proper instincts.

Education habituates us to these three traits. It allows us to read situations in which we find ourselves, develop the proper tests and programs fitting to our collective circumstances, and allows us to investigate with care and understanding the world around us. Today you leave the university and the community of scholars who have touched you and you do so that you may enter community of critical citizenship. Your responsibility, in turn, is to touch with your education everything with which you come into contact. You must leave a mark of excellence on the larger cultural matrix of which universities are but one, albeit vital, part. Leave a touch of your education with each person with whom you encounter in the following years.

Education is not a finite quantity; sharing it does not and cannot diminish it, rather the opposite is true: each sharing with another adds to what you already have. From among the many, two examples show what you must do: Invent new and progressive ways to touch others and imagine the ways you can cultivate the relations necessary to improve yourself and all those around you.

The Paley Gates at ASU’s West campus will continue to be here, standing as a symbol for the next generation of students. As well, the faculty will be here making certain that the community of scholars is vibrant, welcoming, and awaiting all those who will wish, as you did, to be touched by education.

provided by the Barrett, The Honors College

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2 Days Until Convocation | Voices of ASU New College 2015 Graduates

Bring out the tissues and watch our interview with New College graduates of 2015.  We asked about there most memorable experiences and life as a student at ASU West campus.  Don’t forget to tag your graduation pics #newcollegegrad

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3 Days Until Convocation | Don’t forget to stay in touch

ASU New College Convocation Just because you graduate doesn’t mean you’re not a Sun Devil anymore! ASU Alumni Association creates opportunities to stay connected with your alma mater and show your Sun Devil pride for years to come.With just FIVE days until the New College Convocation, check out FIVE of the many perks of being a member of the ASU Alumni Association:

1. Stay connectedASU Alumni Association keeps you in the loop on the latest ASU activities and programs through ASU Magazine and various e-newsletters.

2. Mingle with fellow Sun Devils  The association loves to recognize its members through Homecoming, networking mixers and Members Day at athletic events.

3. Enjoy exclusive benefits Receive complimentary tickets to designated athletic events, free entrance to member appreciation events, discounts at campus bookstores and much more.

4. Advance your career Members are invited to expand their professional connections at networking events and career coaching sessions.

5. Build a network of Sun Devils ASU alumni is a strong network involved in nearly 80 chapters, clubs and connections across the nation and the globe. Whether you are watching games with fellow Sun Devils, networking, or doing community service, you will remain a part of the ASU community.

Don’t say goodbye just yet! Join the ASU Alumni Association today!

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5 Days Till New College Convocation | You Dreamt It, You Did It!!!

We are so proud of all the ASU New College graduates at the ASU West campus!  All your hard work, sweat and tears are concluding at our New College convocation this Tuesday (get the details here). Watch the video and let’s starting celebrating your graduation, you dreamt it, you did it!


5 days till New College convocation at ASU West campus

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New College Graduate Studies Worthwhile Option for Class of 2014

ASU West 4-18-13 094Graduation is just around the corner and the New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences is sending out over 500 students around the world to begin the next chapter in their lives. Many are headed to careers in fields such as medicine, marketing, communications, politics, government, psychology, and computer science. But for some, their future is still undecided.

Tosha Ruggles, Academic Success Coordinator for New College Graduate Studies, wants the Class of 2014 to consider sticking around West campus for a bit longer and exploring all of the great graduate programs New College has to offer. Ruggles said “New College graduate programs give students the opportunity to expand on their existing knowledge base, engage in a higher level of dialogue with faculty, and continue innovative research. New College is unique in that our graduate students have access to world-renowned faculty and receive an outstanding education for an affordable price, all while staying in the valley.”

New College graduate programs include Communication Studies, Interdisciplinary Studies, Social Justice & Human Rights, and Psychology. Graduate programs have flexible course options designed to meet the needs of working professionals and full-time students, and make students more competitive in today’s marketplace.

For more information on New College of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences and its graduate programs visit:

New College Graduate Studies Information Session

ASU New College Graduate Degree Programs Information Session

Interested in ASU graduate school?  Please join us for a Graduate Degree Programs Information Session  Monday, March 3rd, 2014 at 5:30-6:30 pm in the University Center Building (UCB), Room 240 (Faculty/Staff Lounge).

Masters Degrees Offered at ASU New College:

 The Value of a Masters Degree

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the workforce
  • Earn an average of 23% more than students with an undergraduate degree*
  • Focus on your individual research interests

    *U.S. Census Bureau 2004

Graduate Directors and Staff will be on hand to talk about the programs and to answer any questions.  Jan Lacey with any questions –

Study What You Love

ASU Dean Marlene TrompWhen I meet with students, which I often have the privilege to do, I repeat an important message, “Study what you love.” If you love the fine arts or literature, rather than computer science or engineering, this may not seems like such wise advice. Indeed, it might seem reckless at first glance.

There is a growing body of evidence, however, to suggest that this can be an excellent way for students to succeed. If students major in fields that they love, they are more likely to have regular successes and enjoyment that will shore them up during the labor of areas that aren’t their strong suit. Moreover, a student is more likely to stay in school if s/he has engaged his or her passions in the experience.

A volume of evidence has shown lately that college graduates earn more and have more secure jobs—even when economic times are tough. In fact, college is a superb investment, with higher returns than most stocks or bonds could ever supply.

Equally exciting, however, are the new findings by The Association of American Colleges & Universities that employers are more interested in a job candidate’s ability to “think critically, communicate clearly, and solve complex problems” than they are that person’s college major. In other words, it’s not whether you have “History” or “Applied Mathematics” on your diploma, it’s whether you can be a thoughtful analyst and a strong writer and speaker. Read more here. Moreover, another element of this extensive study has demonstrated that “liberal arts majors fare very well in terms of both earnings and long-term career success.” Students who major in history or sociology have a good chance in the long run to earn as much or more than students with professional degrees. Find more information here.

What these exciting findings mean is that students really can study what they love and feel good about their future. Faculty have always known that New College students are well-equipped to take on the world when they take our classes: learning how to solve complex problems in a chemistry class or a psychology class, learning how to write clearly and make a strong argument in a history or English class, learning how to communicate well by visiting our remarkable CALL lab, prepares our students to make their mark in the world.

This doesn’t mean, of course, that students should confine themselves classes in their major. In fact, our curriculum challenges people to think across a range of fields of study—another skill employers value. Some years back, a college friend of mine who was a managing director at one of the largest accounting firms in the world had to take an unpaid leave to learn to write more clearly. In an email lament about all the lost time and pay, he said, “Make sure your students learn in their English classes, no matter what their major. Tell them it will matter.” It absolutely matters. Likewise, English majors need to understand mathematics and sociology. I regularly challenge students to find what will push them, what they value, what they can take out of every class for which they register. This is part of the excitement of college.

The bottom line, however, is that a certain major isn’t really the key. Learning is. What students should understand (and parents, too, who support a student financially, emotionally, or both) is that it is the act of learning to be a learner, learning to be innovative, learning to think well and write clearly will really be what matters (to learn more about what ASU is doing on this front, click here). So the next time someone says s/he is a history major, you won’t need to say, “What are you going to do with that?” You’ll know. That student can do almost anything. That person’s horizons are limitless.

Dean Marlene Tromp
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Interested in a Master’s degree?

ASU New College offers four graduate programs at the ASU West campus.  They will be hosting an information table today, Feb. 18 from 10am to 1:30pm in the Sands Breezeway.  Stop by and talk with advisors and find out more about the following ASU graduate programs:

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Come and Meet Our Graduate Studies Staff at Their Open House

ASU New College is home to four different graduate degree programs.  They have moved and would like to invite you to come visit their new space.  You will be able to meet program directors, staff and faculty.  Light refreshments will be served.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Faculty Administration Building
SouthSide of Building S329 (Conference Area)

Masters Degrees Offered at ASU New College:

ASU-New-College-Graduate studies open house
















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So You’ve Graduated Now What’s Next?

Here are some tips and list of ASU resources that will come in handy when conducting your career search and/or contemplating a master’s degree:

Remember, searching for a job is a full-time job in itself!  Use all the tools and resources you have as ASU Alumni and happy hunting!


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