Research Participants Needed

women-asu-studyNew College associate professor, Mary Burleson, is working on a research study and would love your help. If you’re a woman 18 years or older, please consider participating. Click here to learn more and to access the survey. Click here to start the survey. About the study: Part I can take around 15 – 30 minutes. Part II can take around 5 – 10 minutes. Everyone will be able to take the first part of the survey. After you complete Part I, the survey will determine whether you are eligible for Part II. If you are eligible for Part II, you can… (1) stop participating. In this case you will be entered into a drawing for a $60 gift card. (2) proceed to Part II. After completing Part II, you will be entered into a drawing for a $75 gift card ($60 for Part I and $15 for Part II). If you are not eligible for Part II, the study will terminate and you will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $60 gift card.

So You’ve Graduated, Now What’s Next?

Here are some tips and list of ASU resources that will come in handy when conducting your career search and/or contemplating a master’s degree:
View more photos from our ASU New College convocation ceremony at ASU West campus by clicking on the photo above.
Remember, searching for a job is a full-time job in itself!  Use all the tools and resources you have as ASU Alumni and happy hunting!

1 Day Until New College Convocation | Touch of University tradition – Paley Gates

grad1-Only ONE more day until our New College graduates say farewell to ASU West. On Convocation day, take time to reflect on all you have learned and the memories you have made. But most importantly, DON’T FORGET TO TOUCH THE PALEY GATES AT CONVOCATION! Here’s why!
TOUCH OF UNIVERSITY A TRADITION CONTINUES As you walk through the Paley Gates at Convocation, it is tradition to reach out and touch the gates, placing your hand on them as a catalyst for reflection. By reaching out you are asked to reflect on how ASU has touched you during your studies here. No doubt university work demanded much of you, touching your heart and mind in many powerful ways, in many unexpected ways, perhaps. Regardless of your area of study, your experience at ASU made demands that you be rigorous, that you be insightful, and that you be perceptive.
Indeed, as Socrates says at the end of Plato’s famous allegory of the cave, education is the “art of orientation.” ASU has equipped you with the means by which you now know how to turn your critical attention, that is, how to orient yourselves, toward what is most pressing in our world today and which calls for our being responsible for and responsive to it. And this is as it should be. Universities are meant to touch you in these ways so that your having been here makes a promise to the larger culture concerning your participation in the life of our city, the enterprise of our state, and the hopes for our cosmopolitan future. You are now in a position to understand better that you can be in your own activities and excellence become co-creators of what is to come next.
Here at ASU you have been a part of a community of scholars and you have engaged in the conversations, studies, and activities of research that are becoming such a community. We are hopeful that your time here has left you with the three qualifications for public life that the Czech philosopher Vaclav Havel deems necessary viz., tact, good taste, and the proper instincts. Education habituates us to these three traits. It allows us to read situations in which we find ourselves, develop the proper tests and programs fitting to our collective circumstances, and allows us to investigate with care and understanding the world around us. Today you leave the university and the community of scholars who have touched you and you do so that you may enter community of critical citizenship. Your responsibility, in turn, is to touch with your education everything with which you come into contact.
You must leave a mark of excellence on the larger cultural matrix of which universities are but one, albeit vital, part. Leave a touch of your education with each person with whom you encounter in the following years. Education is not a finite quantity; sharing it does not and cannot diminish it, rather the opposite is true: each sharing with another adds to what you already have. From among the many, two examples show what you must do: Invent new and progressive ways to touch others and imagine the ways you can cultivate the relations necessary to improve yourself and all those around you. The Paley Gates at ASU’s West campus will continue to be here, standing as a symbol for the next generation of students. As well, the faculty will be here making certain that the community of scholars is vibrant, welcoming, and awaiting all those who will wish, as you did, to be touched by education. provided by the Barrett, The Honors College
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2 Days Until New College Convocation | Meet our Outstanding Student Speakers

grad2Only two more days until the big day! We are excited to have two student speakers for New College Convocation: Outstanding Graduate Sarah Malik and Outstanding Undergraduate Raelynn Gosse.
Outstanding Graduate: Sarah Malik Sarah is graduating with an M.S. in Psychology and will be starting a Ph.D. program in the fall. She plans to stay in academia and eventually become a professor, continuing to do research in a field she loves.
“My New College experience is memorable because it has changed me, and I am an entirely different person today than I was when I started my program less than two years ago.  I have really developed as a researcher and a speaker and have become even more enthusiastic about the field than I had been previously.”
Outstanding Undergraduate: Raelynn Gosse Raelynn is graduating with a B.S in English, a Communication Minor, and a Philosophy, Rhetoric, and Literature Certificate.  She will be attending a Ph.D. program in the fall studying English Literature and plans on teaching at the collegiate level, specifically courses in English with an interdisciplinary focus.
“My time at ASU has been a truly incredible experience.Ultimately, ASU challenged me to become a better student and a better person, to critically question the world, to seek beauty, and to appreciate and create meaningful works every day.”
Learn more about these two outstanding graduates at New College Convocation on Tuesday, May 10!  

3 days Until New College Convocation | Don’t forget to stay in touch

grad3Just because you graduate doesn’t mean you’re not a Sun Devil anymore! ASU Alumni Association creates opportunities to stay connected with your alma mater and show your Sun Devil pride for years to come. With only three more days until the New College Convocation, check out some of the many perks of being a member of the ASU Alumni Association:
1. Stay connected ASU Alumni Association keeps you in the loop on the latest ASU activities and programs through ASU Magazine and various e-newsletters.
2. Mingle with fellow Sun Devils  The association loves to recognize its members through Homecoming, networking mixers and Members Day at athletic events.
3. Enjoy exclusive benefits Receive complimentary tickets to designated athletic events, free entrance to member appreciation events, discounts at campus bookstores and much more.
4. Advance your career Members are invited to expand their professional connections at networking events and career coaching sessions.
5. Build a network of Sun Devils ASU alumni is a strong network involved in nearly 80 chapters, clubs and connections across the nation and the globe. Whether you are watching games with fellow Sun Devils, networking, or doing community service, you will remain a part of the ASU community.
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